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This is what happens when you continually forget to post. You don't have access to all the information you need, nor the time to go dig it up. My wonderful swap partner (whose SN I will edit in later because I'm made of fail and don't recall it off the top of my head), trimiddew, sent me my package early. I've been sitting on it for... not quite a week now. Now I'm finally going to be a good girl, and rave about how beautiful it is! Because wow, it is full of unexpected awesome and win!

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Because I am, in no particular order, a doofus, jerk, and grad student, I totally forgot to post about my swap recieved, even after Kari emailed me about.  D'oh.
Anyway! aura_lee chose my obsession with B movies, and brilliantly sent me the following:

Killer Klowns From Outer Space DVD
Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf 2 DVD
Flubbery/Blobby/Goopy stuff (that I gave to my friend's son, I am NOT TO BE TRUSTED with this substance!)
Hand knit alien
Hand knit alien AND Transformer washclothes!
and some bath gel to scrub the stink of these movies off of me. =)

Thank you, Kari!  I love it!

Swap Registration #21: Bibliophile

Our category of geek for this month is: I'm Completely Random


Swap Registration #21: Bibliophile

This month hosts our "random" category and what's geekier than a big pile of dusty books? NOTHING, I say!

Books! Oh, for the love of books. Getting a new one and breaking the spine. Getting an old one and smelling that delicious "old book" smell. Browsing used bookstores and finding treasure upon treasure. Sharing books with friends and then talking for hours about what the story meant to you. Snuggling up with a cuppa tea and a blanket, a great book can be the most influential part of a well-spent evening. Live lives you've never dreamed of living. Go places you've never fathomed you'd ever see. Meet people you couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams. Books take us places that rudimentary forms of travel can not.

The theme is, as always, open to interpretation. Have fun with it! If you are new to swapping and are having a bit of trouble getting started, please feel free to comment on the Swap Brainstorm Bank for help.

I will be posting a swap survey this evening as well, so be on the lookout for that. Swap surveys are a great tool, but you shouldn't rely solely on those. Emailing your partner and checking out their introduction post and/or user info work great, too. For now, just go to this month's (hopefully) prolific Swap Brainstorm Bank and contribute your ideas.

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it: put together a swap box that follows the BOOK theme, keeping in mind your assigned partner's interests. As always, I suggest that you send a box with contents of at least a $20 USD value (this does NOT count shipping cost!). With handmade items, I know that's hard to judge, but do your best.

Anyone feeling bookish?

Anyone who would like to participate in this swap must respond in the comments section below with:
Shipping Address:
E-Mail Address:
Are you willing/able to ship internationally this month?:
Allergies and/or Product Restrictions?:

All comments will be screened so that only mods can see your personal information.

Swap #21 Registration closes Thursday, April 30th!
*Participants will be emailed their swap partner's information the following day*

The deadline to ship out your swap package is Friday, May 22nd.
Before committing to this swap, please make sure that your schedule will allow you to put together a swap box and ship it out within the three weeks allotted. This librarian doesn't like late returns! ;)

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me at


ETA: Registration is now closed!

Obsessive swap received!

First off I want to apologize for not posting this earlier--I was in the hospital and only got home a few days ago so I'm working on getting things caught up. Anyway, I got my fabulous swap from babymuffin!

OMG y'all words cannot express how awesome this swap is. babymuffin went with my obsession with Conan O'Brien. She made a bunch of stuff for me!: a really really cool letter-holder thing with the Late Night logo on one side and the Tonight Show logo on the other side (I always need stuff like this so I will definitely be using it a lot), a travel coffee mug (definitely will be using this a lot too!), a keychain and photo album, and Conan playing cards, OMG. Also included were a cool Irish fairytales book, an issue of Boston, and really cute shamrock boxes. Thanks so much babymuffin! I love everything. :)

April 2009 Shipping Post

Post here with your method and date of shipment, and if you're shipping domestically, your Delivery Confirmation number. If you're shipping internationally, hang on to your receipt in case a dispute arises.

This is also the place to post any and all communications with your partner regarding your boxes. If you've received it and wanted to let them know, but aren't ready to post your "swap received" post yet, if you haven't received the box and you're wanting to ask about it, if your partner hasn't mentioned anything about their box and you're wanting to ask about it, and most importantly, if you're going to be LATE shipping your box, please post about it here. Communication is key.