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My package arrived from zaqurus!! It must be kitty approved first, apparently...

Lots of colorful goodies! :D

Here is everything! A handmade Rent shirt, the book Defying Gravity (I DIDN'T KNOW HE DID CHILDREN OF EDEN TOO EEEEE), a handmade "FEED ME" glass from Little Shop of Horrors, the Moulin Rouge headband, and a Rogers & Hammerstein 2-CD music set. :) I wish Ryan (the boy) was in the room when I saw the CD because I think I flipped out. A cat ran off so I'm certain I screamed. XD

The book! It's huuuuuuuuge and has lots and lots of info. I'm excited to read through it~

The CD of awesome is currently playing in my car! I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair...

I pulled out this Moulin Rouge-inspired headband first and of course one cat immediately saw shiny and went to investigate. The other cat climbed in the box to try to steal it later. Sigh. MY SWAP, KITTIES!

Stole it back, thank you very much! ;)

Front and back of the glass. It's AWESOME.

And lastly, the shirt! I pulled it out and thought WOW. You have such steady hands! straight lines of win, m'dear! ;) Don't tell me there are flaws. There are none. This whole swap was full of awesomsauce and I appreciate everything!!
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