Ashlyn Noble (aymaera) wrote in geek_chic_swaps,
Ashlyn Noble

Swap received!

I got my swap from brown_eyes  in the mail the other day, it was very sweet and thoughtful :) 

First, everything was wrapped prettily, brown paper packages tied up with string! 

And the card has a cat on it! CATS

And then, guys, do you see that novel? Les Miserables? I cannot capture the scale of this thing. I don't think any modern imaging device can. Imagine if you would, an average paperback. Stack five of them together. The thing is nearly 1500 pages long people! 

She also sent the Phantom of the Opera novel! Your copy should be travelling on its way towards you haha ;) And to accompany it, songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber :)

The other two CDs are the Avenue Q soundtrack which sounds like it should be quite funny, and a mix CD! I'm really looking forward to listening to it, I need new ridiculous singalongable songs in my life :D

Finally, a few arty items, musical staff and note ribbon, and iron ons! I haven't got any IDEA what to do with the iron ons, but they are SO PRETTY. And they have SHINY FOIL

Uhh, it's one in the morning. Just so you don't question my sanity

not that shiny foil iron ons would affect me any differently at any other time of day

Ooh, and a Wicked bookmark! Which is also shiny! And glittery! Wicked is my new favourite musical, Defying Gravity is so much win. YOU GO ELPHEBA

Thank you muchly, I really enjoyed opening it! 

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