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Geek Chic Swaps

A Swapping Community for the Socially Inept

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A monthly snail-mail swapping community for geeks! A new theme is chosen each month.
New membership is currently closed until further notice.

Geek Chic Swaps Information
Geek Chic Swaps (pronounced like "sheik" not "chick") is a monthly snail-mail swapping community for math nerds, Lord of the Rings geeks, D&D dorks, cosplaying otaku, and sci-fi dweebs all. A new theme is chosen each month. Come out from the basement and swap with us! P.S. Tell your friends study group and your mother!
How It Works
Each month, a themed swap is announced to members. Those interested in participating in that month's theme sign up with both their email and mailing addresses to participate. (The info is screened so no one can see it but me!) Once the registration period closes, members are emailed the shipping information of their partner for the upcoming swap. All members have approximately three weeks to put together and ship their swap box. The shipping deadline is specified at the time of registration.
Community Rules
1. Just because you're a member doesn't necessarily mean you will be swapping every month (that is, not unless you want to!). Members must actually sign up for each individual swap they wish to participate in.

2. Members must ship their boxes on or before the deadline. You have three weeks to get your boxes together. Those who are late in shipping will be asked to sit out the following month's swap, and anyone shipping one week or more after the deadline for a swap will be removed from the community.

3. Members will obtain delivery confirmation for the boxes they send. In the United States, this service costs less than a dollar a package. Those shipping internationally or otherwise unable to get a tracking number are asked to retain their receipts in case a dispute arises.

4. Members must post to the community when they ship their swap box and then again when they receive one. A mod will make the initial shipping post to the community and all members will reply to this post with the date of shipment, the delivery confirmation or tracking number, and what service was used to ship. A received box post will be posted to the community by the member and should include a detailed description of the items received. Photos are great, too, if you have access to a digital camera or scanner, just put them behind an LJ-cut if you're posting more than one.

5. Any member found to be abusing the system will be barred from further swapping opportunities. No exceptions.

6. Requests for membership are screened based on the following: You must be at least 18 years of age to swap. You must have an active, established LiveJournal account and at least a somewhat informative user info page. Last, but definitely not least, you must share some of geek_chic_swaps's community interests.

7. There is a newly instituted policy regarding international swappers. If you are from any country other than the US, please read!

8. You are financially responsible for getting your box to your partner. Period. If you feel this might be a problem, I recommend getting your box insured, in the case it gets lost or damaged, so you can recover funds to replace the original box. This is the simplest of the rules: You are getting a box, so your partner should get a box as well. Get tracking, get insurance. These services do not cost very much and are well worth it in the event something bad happens. If a box is not replaced by you, a volunteer from the community will replace it for you and you will be asked to leave the community.
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